May 22, 2006

Saint Ennui’s Here!

This is exciting. We have a new winner this week. Someone who has observed what goes on around him and has learnt fast. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Arshad! That was quite an effort from him and there he stands under the spotlights.

(At this point in the ceremony, the spot light shifts to the next winner. But…)

Oh! We’d actually saved up some wind to congratulate the winning copywriter too. And now we find that there isn’t one. So Saint Ennui is here to stay. It happened before and it’s happening again. Horrors! What do we lack? If only we were enlightened or at least if we were to see a winner next week...

1 comment:

Anwari said...

Hi Arshad,
Keep up the spirit! Move on for greater achievements!!!

Wish u good luck!!