June 14, 2006

Mini and Mighty

Is that... ugh... is that Mini Mouse and Mighty Mouse there?

Aruna took the sword for the Copywriter and Sampath once again gets the sword for the Visualiser. Oops! Did we call a Designer a Visualiser?

We guess we just did. You see we've been taught that a Visualiser is a person who comes up with and executes design, a person who later goes on to be the Art Director and even the Creative Director.

Their partners in creative are Copywriters, who do think in terms of visuals, though not necessarily. But then they are not called Visualisers even if they do. They remain Copywriters, whether they think in terms of visuals or in terms of words. Of course they also go on to be Creative Directors.

Ummm. That was a lecture wasn't it? What would Mini's and Mighty's take on it be?

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