July 25, 2006

The First TEASE

Here’s food for thought.
Fledgling musicians can take heart as cutting an album has become much easier now.”
That’s a piece of news in a prominent Indian daily that continues:

“…anyone with a PC at home can create music. A single guy can create entire albums with just loops downloaded from the Internet.”

Don’t believe that you and I can make music with ease? That even your nephew or niece can do it too? You only need to visit this website
once to be convinced otherwise. Of course you’ll find lots of trash there, lots of mediocre creative expressions. But every now and then you’d find a gem. You’ll find a rising star who rises above mediocrity.

In our extremely competitive profession, that is our biggest challenge – Rising Above Mediocrity.

We can choose to be a wallflower and do run-of-the-mill work or be that rising star. Age has nothing to do with it. But attitude, enthusiasm and modesty have everything to do with it.

On that score we present our first TEASE (our fledgling TEASE). And our first winner. If you remember, the topic for our first TEASE was “Shitty advertising made that hole in the ozone layer”. Here’s Chella’s interpretation.

Psst! We’d like feed back on this one from all our readers, if at all.

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