July 11, 2006


Ok. So we’re shy of ‘The Next Level’. Or maybe we can’t imagine ourselves there right now. Or maybe we’re just cynical. Or maybe we didn’t have breakfast. But the fact remains that somehow ‘The Next Level’ seems to be a destination far far away.

Could it be because we aren’t sure of our performance thus far? Not sure of the jury that passed these judgments? Is it because we feel that a home win is ‘no great shakes’? All the better, then. Because it simply means we’re growing. Yet that leaves us shy of the next level. What’s keeping us back?

Think like an athlete. Without risk, there is no genius. Go big or go home. No guts, no glory. Failure is not in losing, failure is not trying. The team that makes the most mistakes is the team that wins. These are more than just sports clichés.
That bit is from an interview by one of the biggies in advertising.

And that’s Sampath there with the sword for the week. The copywriters weren’t around. Now there’s another shy bunch.

What was that again? Think like an athlete…

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