July 26, 2006

Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

Ok. That was a weak header, if you’ll forgive us. But then we’d be coining loco goop like ‘Flower Power’ and ‘Power Puff Girls’ to describe the winners this week just because they happen to be from the fairer sex.

So may we simply present Mallika and Aruna! They take the sword for design and copy respectively.

Coming back to the loco goop, do you think ‘cleverness’ works in advertising? Agreed that it’s a loaded question, like asking is the glass half empty or half full…

Perhaps you do recall this piece of student advertising for a travel agency with copy that ran thus: “Kiss your wife in places she’s never been kissed before”? Dear readers, what do you think of that line? What do you think of the idea?

· Half empty
· Half full
· *!$##!
· Wow!

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