August 30, 2006

Copy That!

Are we getting better at the game? Must be because it was difficult, for only the second time since the Monday Morning Meeting, to decide a winner among the visualisers. So we have two winners. Sampath and Rags.

And Our Lady took the sword for Copy. Before we forget... Aruna had a point to make about submissions, which elevates this whole exercise. Yup, ELEVATES.

Her point is that she never makes a submission if she aint pleased with her work for the week. Point taken Aruna. That was brave of you. Now that's a pointer for each one.

Submit only when you feel you honestly have done work that is substantially good, i.e., better than your earlier submissions. Remember, this whole meeting is about you. It's about bringing out the best in you. So make sure you put your 'best foot forward' at every Monday Morning Meeting.

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