August 07, 2006

déjà vu...

Do you recall that bit in X-Men about the slow pace of evolution and then about evolution taking a big leap every once in a while? In quite similar fashion, someone's taken a big leap, quite a big leap if we may say so.

Yuvraj takes the sword for the very first time. Last time he'd given away the sword to Rags. This time it happened in reverse. Proud father. Proud winner. (We did mention that he's a father now, didn't we?)

And here's a leap on a very different note, that's getting fairly repetitive. The copywriters have proved themselves leaps ahead of the visualisers when it comes to indifference. They haven't made a submission this week as well. Calls for pulling up socks and so forth, doesn’t it?

Last but not least, as much as we keep talking about leaps... collectively, we seem to have hit a plateau. RAISING THE BAR isn't about one creative jump, about one single leap. Oh no! It's about telling ourselves:

"Now that I have done this, I know I can do more, do better...and I must do it."

RAISING THE BAR isn't a full stop. It's a series of victorious commas, each more intoxicating than the other. Better. Better. Better. That should be our heartbeat. Better. Better. Better.

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