October 17, 2006

Here's Some Fun Too...

Mallika took the sword for design this week. But no, she didn't mean to pose with it the way she does here, proud as she is though. That was the idea of a copywriter who was later found at his desk - ugh - in disarray.

And here's his 'explanation' to rowing eye who caugth him. Brrrrr. That's a scare. Notice the stress on 'If'

"If u r putting up the snap of me sleeping on my desk kindly put this snap also, either next to it or before it, so that it is seen in perspective. I was on my feet from early morning trudging through three schools and more than a couple of staircases and floors and also through 100 snaps... from 8.30 to 12.00 - a early mornign shoot for this school which is a Rage client."

"And u see the end result.. a totally drained, dehydrated me... of course I had to have a bath after that at home, change and then come to office... and sleep when I caught a couple of mins free."

So here's the explanatory photograph below.

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