October 03, 2006

Love Your Broke Computer Even...

We're just back from a longish weekend. Back to the grind on a Tuesday, which will be the longest day of the week, since Monday has been (enter descriptor here) spent. Sic!

Appropriately, Yuvaraj has sent in this visual cue to remind us, obliquely, that:

-- Loitering about the coffee machine or water dispenser with a Monday morning daze,
-- Sitting at your desk with agonizing weekend nostalgia,
-- Tottering about the corridor in where-the-heck-am-I stupor,
-- Vanishing from your desk for a Gawd-I-can't believe-I'm-back-doing-the-same-$***-again! break,
-- Staring at work mails like you've just seen a ghost,
-- Wishing the Martians would choose to land immediately, etc. does not amount to 'work' or ‘loving what you do’.

Thanks for the reminder Yuvaraj. May this Tuesday be a longish, excruciating one for you.

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