November 16, 2006

Do Awards Matter?

Let's go back in time, to the days when we were in school. Did awards matter then? Oh, they sure did. And why did it matter then?

- Because they gave us a face
- Because they gave us a halo that was well earned
- Because they made us feel special
- Because they made us feel like we'd rule the world some day
- Because they made us invincible in some way
- Because they made us feel good inside, very, very good
- Because they gave us a definite edge every time
- Because they made our peers look up to us
- Because they made us responsible
- Because they made us do better, better, better...

We've grown up now. And we'd be lying if we said that awards didn't matter anymore. Of course they do. For all the same reasons they did matter, back in our school days.

Let's rediscover the hungry school kid in us. Because we're going into the arena this year. We're going in for the awards once again. While you are considering that, here's a weblink you would want to go through to find out what the competitors are up to.


Joe said...

nice snap.. dat... rajesh...

What a Rage said...

aint't it? it's an 'airbrushed' property. just fit in here nicely.

Joe said...

and to think i got fooled into thinkin u shot it... humpf...