December 05, 2006

My! What Big Teeth...

Sampath took the sword for design and Aruna took the sword for copy. Besides, we had the TEASE to decide on too. There was a suggestion that the next TEASE be something to do with things. Something you can hold. Something you can mould... Ah. There's a thought.

Perhaps, there's something else we need to give serious thought to. Perhaps it's time to ask ourselves if we are getting our proportions right.

"Proportions can make or break a design. Choose the right proportions and the piece will attract the eye, hold its interest and connect with the viewer..." So goes a broken link when you put in the words 'design proportions' in Google search. But broken or not, those few lines say a lot we could take a cue from.

Sans proportion, design is just so. Imagine yourself with a disproportionate mouth or ear or palm, one bigger than the other. Why even Little Red Riding Hood knew about proportions.

That's just a thought. But perhaps it shouldn't remain just that.


Anonymous said...

What big teeth? ;-/

What a Rage said...

my! what big teeth - as in the fairy tale Red Riding Hood. : )

Anonymous said...

but it got no teeth.. if u talking abt d image of Mo dat is..? or for dat matter.. the two sword winners too arent showing any teeth :-p

What a Rage said...

Ah! Now we're talking. It's this way: In the fairy tale story, Little Red Riding Hood was not fooled by the wolf who was masquerading as her grandmother, lying in her grandmother's bed, wearing her clothes. (Remember the story?) Though a little girl, Red Riding Hood knew that her grandma couldn't have such big ears or eyes or teeth.

And so she says "My! What big teeth you have grandma."

It's used as a metaphor in this article to denote lack of proportion. Maybe now if you read through once again, you’ll get the meaning. Perhaps you’d also like to Google Little Red Riding Hood and read the fairy tale too?