January 23, 2007

My Dream Is To Become A Film Director

In the first week of January a set of questionnaires were circulated among creative. Last week the answers came in from four. Can’t claim enthusiastic participation when it comes to numbers. But the one’s who participated, did so enthusiastically.


Ramkee our Senior Business Manager voted Yuvaraj the best participant. “Serious about his business” commented the judge. Thank you very much Ramkee.

On to the questions:

When you were a child, what did you dream of becoming?
To be frank - nothing.

When you joined work, what did you dream of achieving?
When I joined my first job I didn’t know how to use the software’s. I learnt it all myself. Now I want to design a portfolio for me, which I have not been able to do till now... My dream is to become a film director.

Who has more potential of becoming a good actor - Dhanush or Simbu? Why so?
Both have the potential of becoming a good actor but Simbu is a bit daring and he has the fire to become an actor. He has already directed a film in a short time and at a very early stage in his career. He is smarter than Dhanush...

When you joined Rage, what did you dream of achieving?
My dream is to make our client to ask “who’s that new designer at your agency… the recent creatives are different”.

What is your idea of 'contributing to the company'?
Once I enter office I don’t want to waste the time. I want to finish my work early and try to leave early. I don’t hang over at office and waste resources, whatever it may be...

Do you think George W. Bush is funny or phony? (Err... tone down, but of course you can be frank.)
I don’t think he is funny. If you ask me he is a very serious man.

What are the areas Rage can improve in?
Our playroom is half dumped with the scrap. Remove that waste and put some chairs for the smoking people to relax themselves there.

What contribution can you make in this improvement you have suggested?
Sorry this is not for me, it’s for people who smoke. Ask them.

What changes would you wish for in the work atmosphere?
Instead of shouting from our seats we can have an internal chat to share messages.

How has the Monday Morning Meeting helped you?
Basically I am bored coming to office on Mondays. So this meeting helps me to change that mood in 30 minutes and then I can start work.

Let’s wish him all the best with his dream of becoming a film director.

That's Ramkee in the judging process, below.


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