January 03, 2007

Welcoming 2007

The whole office, all eighty of us were at Kart Attack for the New Year bash. Lots of go carting. Lots of fun.

Champion of Champions: Sampath came up from behind to win the championship. During the first round he was a steady, even-paced second. In the second round he picked up pace. By the time of the finals, he had already mapped the terrain in his mind and did some quick moves, round corners to corner the championship. What was the gift Sampath?

Queen of Queens: The Paper Girl, Ramya. Miss Rage 2007! That's a fine dress of newsprint. And so well draped too, perfect for that sashay down the ramp. No wonder she swept the crown. (Ugh... where's the crown? Musta fallen off.) Don't miss the hair do, though. Rather Japanese don't you think?

Springy: Those are rubber bands strung on Arshad's hair. The organisers thought he had nice springy hair, perfect to house a dozen or so rubber bands. They weren’t far wrong. Look at that! It seems to suit him fine. Arshad, perhaps you'd consider wearing this hair do sometime. That looks quite groovy.

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chella said...

Yo! Its Groovy.. (dosn't it look like a palm grove?!!)