February 22, 2007

Can Only Superman Wear His Undies Over His Pants?

Doing things differently always pays. You think it doesn't? Listen to this. "If you keep doing what you have always done then you will get what you have always gotten". We didn't say that. That there is something mommas and class teachers and coaches tell their wards all over America.

Doing things differently challenges your current beliefs
You might learn that many things, which you currently take for granted, are an actual dampener. Surprise you it might, but also give you fresh new direction. Not a bad deal at all huh?

Doing things differently opens new possibilities
Since you go out of the box, things, which are normally not in your grasp, may now come into your life. And you may find that some of those new things are very, very rewarding. Sure looks like doing things differently allows you to expand yourself in new and creative ways.
Thanks to Donald Latumahina for the last bit. About the swords this week, it did finally come out of hiatus. Well at least the Design Sword did. And it went to Mallika. Err... any ideas for doing things differently at our next meeting?

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