February 12, 2007

Will Do Anything To Get In

There are agencies out there where people would gladly give an arm and leg to get in. Agencies that are the envy of every other agency. Agencies that get mails like this one. This is a job application that was published on the wieden + kennedy blog.

Subject: RE: I am applicant

Dear Mrs Natalie,

I presume you are well. That makes me feel happy for you.

I sent you my application on Friday today is Monday morning and I’m waiting for responsiveness. It hasn’t come. This is a shame. I wish to make my purpose fully clear to your business and so write you again.

There is no time to waste! Waste is folly. Waiting is pain. I have pain.

If there is a requirement for further explanations, please to not wait to contact myself.

My pencil is sharp.


(Name deleted.)

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