April 17, 2007

The Coming Together

We met today as a bigger team. There were three members from ground floor who joined us. One was still on his way to office since he'd just arrived that morning from home. He gave us all banana chips as testimony. Yum! Would that be a weekly ritual?

We're still to decide what format this extended MMM (Monday Morning Meeting) would take largely because 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' function differently. That's partly because the clients we handle are different. Ugh! Did that sound convincing? Well, it's like this - there really is a fundamental difference in the functioning of the two floors attributed largely to the kind of work flows and priorities dictated by projects, assignments, whatever you'd like to call it. So Ranjit wanted things to be a step at a time for 'ground' floor.

They would be observers to begin with, learning how the process works. 'The Process' isn't much really. Each Monday, you submit your best effort of the previous week to compete for the Sword of Honour. If you win it, you get to keep it and display it at your desk for a week. Sound's simple doesn't it?

Ranjit, the Big Man 'downstairs'.


Shobana. She made a submission too.


Is it appropriate to say welcome everyone? In anycase, welcome aboard. Each of you will only enrich the whole meeting thing, that's for sure. That's Sampath with the Sword for Design. Some good work for Australia.


Anonymous said...

If there is one team that is tentatively called the Citi Team how did the team that just joined be called "downstairs"?

Sounds more to me like those "Pinntheru Pasanga"?

Rage Communications said...

Oops! Now there's a sectarian among us. Or why would you comment anonymously?

It's like this anonymous... first floor has always been called the Citi Team. And the Ground Floor hasn't had a moniker that any of us is aware of. 'Downstairs' isn't meant in the way you've interpreted it.

But if you still take offence, we're sorry about that.

We're just Team Rage Creative now.