May 08, 2007

Connecting To The World Outside

If we've got our swords, they've got their Order of the Hottest Cubicle. We're talking about Web Chutney. Their 'Order' goes round quarterly though. But, hey, they have this award thing going too.

If you notice, this is the first time we're featuring other agencies in the industry on our blog. Kinda helps to know what goes on. Like we're not a world unto ourselves, we're part of a bigger whole. You get the drift, don't you?

Coming back to our meeting, it's beginning to be more interesting than before, when it was just the review of our creatives of the previous week, which took up all the time. All the time. Phew! We're beginning to like the new... what's that word... direction the Monday Morning Meeting is taking though, aren't we.

No swords went around this time. But we did get to talk about the creatives of other agencies. Work for The Economist, for instance. It was surprising that most hadn't seen The Economist advertising! That doesn't bode well for our ambitions to be the best around. Oh no, it certainly doesn't. We'd go so far as to say that The Economist put forth iconic communication (you can pull us up on that coinage later), and being in the dark about it despite being a part of the communications industry is anathema.

And that's more reason to open up to the world outside. We cannot be a communications entity of any standing if we don't know what's happening in our own industry. Now does that make sense to you or do you need a gum to mull over it?


Rums said...

Guilty! I plead the fifth :-(
Btw, what happened to the shout box :O

Vulturo said...

Hey, Thanks for the shout!

Rage Communications said...

rums: i'm clueless. i happened to change the templete and pop! out went the shout box. maybe it was a good thing. not many were shouting anyways. : )

vulturo: Prince Of Darkness! thank you too.

Rums said...

He he that's true... We had spam bots shouting more than ourselves! Besides, this way, people comment on posts - at least?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks !

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