May 22, 2007

Go Forth! Freak Out!

Err... not that freak out. No, not as in 'wet your pants' freak out but as in 'go wild' freak out. That was the 'brief' brief that went out to everyone regarding this little poster project we have going. The specifics work out thus: design posters that showcase what Rage Communications is all about. Like when a client walks in, what should he see other than our security table and lovely receptionist while he waits?

Yummy posters perhaps? Ok, so that's putting it rather vaguely. But it's a start. Yummy posters as in "that's a fantastic design" poster. A "boy I'd like to have that on my wall" poster. Dig? Umm. We're still in Thinkville on this one aren't we? But whatever we do, lets make it yummy.

So lets go forth and freak out as we've been told at our first post lunch meeting.

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