June 15, 2007

Are You An Executor? Or Contributor?

There’s the question we need to ask ourselves. It’s not so much an idle exercise as it is soul searching. If you can live with some soul searching now, read further. Or come back around April next year.

You still with us? Good. Here’s a question for you.

Do you think a restaurant is in the decor business? Or the crockery business? Walk into most restaurants and you'll get what we’re driving at. The decor would be impressive, so would the crockery. Then comes the food. (Yes. As an after thought these restaurants serve food, or something close to it.) Sometimes it's the portions that cause you grief, but most times it's the dishes, the food. Why or rather how can a restaurant forget it's in the food business? Baffles you, doesn’t it?

The ‘product’ or ‘service’, as the case may be, is what matters no matter what business you are in, no matter who you are or what you do.

Wouldn't you make a restaurant that serves fantastic food at value for money prices a regular haunt even if it’s poor on ambience and frills?

See? It's the product that matters most. So if you are a designer, for instance, it’s what you deliver that matters most. That’s your ‘product’. That’s what your reputation as a designer hinges on. That’s what makes you a contributor. That’s what increases your ‘market value’.

And how do you become a contributor? By asking yourself "How can I do this differently?" How often have you asked yourself this question? It's what makes your deliverable, way above the ordinary. It's what makes you a contributor rather than an executor. Doors open wide for the contributor while the executor sits around wondering how he or she hasn't moved on. Well, he or she didn’t move on because he or she concentrated on the décor and crockery when it should have been on the food.

The ‘product’ is what matters most. Don’t ever forget that!

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