July 16, 2007

Blue and Glue

Blue: “Boy! Cannes comes to Chennai again. Grey worldwide won silver in the press category.”

Glue: “Ah, but awards don’t matter, do they? They’re such a bother.”

Blue is stumped. But plays up.

Blue: “Couldn’t agree more. They just bring you a lot of publicity… and new business and queues outside your door of those poor hopefuls who want to join you. What a bother… who’d want that?”

Blue feigns horror and eyes Glue on whom the irony is lost.

Glue: “Whew! Who’d want that?”

Blue: (Playing up again) “Right! Who’d want any of that?”

Glue: “And the ad that won… No logo, no copy, no nothing. Just a pair of hands with that goop on them. And they call it an ad! What are we coming to Blue!”

Blue rolls his eyes. And again the irony is lost on Glue.

Blue: (Playing up for the last time) “Doom! You need a lead-in, a headline, a sub-head, a visual, body copy, an address, phone number, a URL and of course a logo on the top right corner… That’s an ad. Not this one!”

The one above is the press ad that won at Cannes - promoting Travel Corporation India's Honeymoon Packages.

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Anonymous said...

My hands are famous [:D]