August 25, 2007

We met! We met!

We met up at last, after all the silent hemming and hawing about timings and agenda. Oh, it wasn’t in the new conference room but in the room just vacated by Karthik – that’s big enough to hold a meeting. There was this breakfast meeting on at our previously decided venue. Something to do with the dance and song gathering we’re having this evening.

Never mind. What really matters is that we met.

We didn’t review our work though. We didn’t go through any other work either. But we’ve promised ourselves that we will from the next time on. (If that sounded a little ‘iffy’ it's only the sentence construct…) Next meeting, we review our work. And the meeting after, we review either print, POP, outdoors or television commercials done the world over.


Yes, we’ll review that too – online advertisements done the world over.

The Saturday after.

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