October 19, 2007

Feeling Naked

Why is holding a simple meeting such an issue of deliberation?

Sorry. That was rather an abrupt question, one with no head or wagging tail.

The Monday Morning Meeting was a good thing going as far as we participants knew. Well, yes, the meeting didn't elicit profound transformation in the participants. Transformation, there was. But not of the profound variety. It wasn't meant to happen immediately. Oh no! Mother Nature's granted a gestation period for everything under the Sun - even the Monday Morning Meeting. Nevertheless it was a beginning that could be built on considering the stubborn inertia that the meeting was trying to wipe out.

And so we used to meet each Monday morning. View our work of the previous week and let ourselves in for criticism. An airing of views, so to speak that made quite a difference it the way we saw our creatives. Hey, it was a version of what www.ihaveanidea.org calls Feeling Naked - submitting your work for review. It was our work out there for all to opine on. And we came out the better for it.

Somewhere along the way, a year later, we tramped off track. Our numbers swelled and so did our idea of the agenda for the meeting. The new agenda didn't get us far. We blamed it on the day - on Monday's. So we shifted the meeting to Saturdays forgetting that we worked only on alternate Saturdays and also that it was a day when many of us felt obliged to give ourselves a break. (Sic!)

Kaput! The Saturday meetings were a farce. Suddenly there weren’t even Saturday Morning Meetings. Nothing. Nada.

Enough was enough. We did have a good thing going. The impromptu experiment with numbers and dates and time and agenda just didn't wash. That’s why the Monday Morning Meeting is back in spirit albeit christened the Friday Morning Meeting.

We met today as we had when we began our very first meeting.

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