November 06, 2007

Electric Scripts

Ok... so we had this TVC presentation by two of the copywriters this week, the third having given up his nerve, mouthing something about not having written down his script. Lame.

The first script had to do with wrestling.

There's this wispy thin wrestler (sic!) and a stout one facing each other in the ring. Sickly anticipation is in the air. Sickly, because everyone is waiting for the moment when 'whispy' would be squashed into the mud without mercy. The wispy one has some nerve... everybody agrees. Hell! What's he doing wrestling a 'truck'? Suddenly there's 'whispy' in the air, arms and legs flailing. His stout oponent has just lifted him high in the air preparing to make pulp of him. Just then 'whispy' pops in a gum and starts shaking. And rocking. And shaking. And rocking. His dazed oponent loses balance with all that wild rocking and falls to the ground in a heap. Wispy is halied the winner. So much for fat wrestlers who underestimate the power of the electric gum!

The second script had to do with a 4x4.

There's this happy family on an off-road spell. Papa, moma and their four portly children pile into the family SUV and head out for adventure. It begins (err... the adventure, that is) with the most portly of the children opening a box of barfi and passing it around to the already stuffed family. Just as papa reaches for his burfi the SUV veers off road and it's wheels land in tricky slush. They're stuck as stuck can be! No amount of huffing and puffing laced with swearing and passing wind can get the vehicle back on the road. That's when the youngest of the portly crew gets everyone to chew on the electric gum. The SUV starts to rock. Really rock. First at a slow tempo and then wildly. And before you could say electric gum, they are back on the road with a giant heave. My! Adventures are made of SUV's and electric gums!

That was entertaining, copywriters. Thank you.

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