November 16, 2007

We're on the Advertising Age Top Media & Marketing Blogs list!

This must be good news. The Rage Creative Blog or 'The Online Agency Blog' as the world knows it is listed on the Advertising Age Top Media and Marketing Blogs list.

We're ranked at 484.

The other Indian blogs in the list are Gauravonomics at 224, India PR Blog at 266, Rajesh at Blogworks at 340 and Desi Creative at 451.


Jag said...

Hi, you have good stuffs, this indian blog os alos listed in Ad age power 150

Joseph said...

Hi Guys,

Today February 23, You guys have moved up to No. 457 on the list. Keep moving up.

I was a little :( when I saw the rank show -1. But then i realised that you had moved up almost 30 places on the list and may be come down one rank.

Keep moving up the ladder I say.

Rage Communications said...

Joseph! Thank you so much. We are still to get to grips with this ranking bit as new elements or parameters (if that's the word) has been added... And actually, we didn't know we'd moved up! Thank you for the information.