November 26, 2007

The Work of Bums!

What happens when you are given a blank page and asked to make the first tentative stroke of what could end up a minor masterpiece or a major disaster? Well... that's easy. You simply make that first stroke and pass it on. Hoping for the best.

That was the idea presented at our last meeting, the result of which you see here.

Here’s a quick poll. How many of you say YUCK? And how many say WOW? Send in your vote via comments.

We’ll be having a pow-wow on this exercise, at the next meeting. For now, we'd just like to say that the bit of English-Tamil you see there loosely translates to: "this is the work of a bunch of bums". Very nice.

Now... what did we just get ourselves into? A disclaimer at the end of the… the squiggle even says ‘begins today’. Very Hitchcockish.


Shark Chella said...


Rage Communications said...

shark: that's rather a tricky comment. but very diplomatic, nevertheless. i suppose you'll be more forthcoming at the meeting. : )

swati said...

Ok....considering it looks YUCK...please....quick take it to auction...we got a chance to make a millions here!!

That would make us go WOW! :D

Rage Communications said...

swati: that's a thought. lol.