December 21, 2007

The Question

That was the question asked this morning.

None ranked the meeting above 7.

So, then, each was asked how the rating could be upped to 10. And here are the suggestions:

1. To begin with, we need to revamp the rage website, which is a sad piece as it is today.
2. We need to also watch television commercials and print advertising, as there isn’t a difference as far as medium is concerned when it comes to ideation.
3. Everybody also felt that there should be a better library. More books like the One Show etc that spans all media and not just interactive advertising, for the very same reasons stated above – ideas and presentation are free of media borders.
4. We need to discuss an award winning creative – be that in television, print, out door or interactive – every alternate week. Take up that one piece and dissect it.
5. We need to make the submission of creatives for review every week a compulsory affair. Not just any creative, but the best that we’ve done for the week.
6. Have something better than the sword to give away each week for the best design and best copy. And also have a yearly ‘biggie’ for the most awarded creative person.
7. Send a mail of the week’s best creative to a selected audience outside the Friday Morning Meeting to garner feedback.
8. We need to also go out once a month.
9. And get us a TV and VCD.

That’s what would take us to a 10. But it’s the website that’s action point number one.

We’ve decided to have a brainstorm together, and then split individually to do up a few homepage options. And take it up from there.

To us!

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