February 12, 2008

How Not To Be An Advertising Creative

Don't read up on new stuff. The old will do. "Hell! The sun's been rising eastside for as long as time and nothing's changed a wee bit since. So what's new to know about?"

Don't travel. Don't visit places. Don't budge from the little world you've placed yourself in. "New places? What new places? There aren't new places anymore. I've seen them all. On TV."

Don't appreciate history. Don't ever delve into it. "History? His story? Whatever for? I'm better off without it."

Don't go to the movies or plays. "They're such a waste of time. Pop culture just ain't for me."

Don't listen to music. Any music. Not rock. Not pop or metal or jazz. Or Bollywood. "That's another waste of time."

Don't hang out at the mall. "I can't understand what you might possibly find attractive at a mall except the discounts."

Don't pub out or chill at bars. "Ha! Pubing out makes you creative? Bloody Mary makes you bloody creative? That's a load of beep."

Don't go for impromptu rides or drives. "Impromptu? I always plan. I'm never impulsive. Impromptu? And that would make me creative?" (Smirk)

Don't ever go trekking. "The leaches, the rotten wood, the slippery surfaces, why must I spook myself. Are you crazy?"

Don't ever check up on what's going on in the advertising world. "Check up? Why? I know what I'm doing. Why must I take pointers from someone for what I'm already doing well?"

Don't follow technological developments. "I'm well off without it. Besides I don't need it to make my sandwich or my daily decisions."

Don't follow sports. "Ah! The stuff that comes between advertisements on certain channels... Na! I don't follow them."

Don't ever peep into advertising awards or festivals. "The local ones are all a farce. The big ones are all about champagne and beaches. Where does advertising come in?"

Don't ever link up with peers. Don't take inspiration from elsewhere. Don't take criticism. Don't wake up to change.

Now that might not sum up or complete the list. Maybe you'd like to add to it or send in your comments. Bring on the debate!

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