April 24, 2009

Presentation Skills 'n' Some Thrills

This meeting must have been an eye opener for a few - the ones who thought that as a designer you only need to cook up colours and shapes to fit a mould.

The agenda was to get each one to present their best creative, like they were presenting it to the client. 'Present' was the operative word. Isn't that enough to shatter set notions or the lack of any notion about what lies ahead? To say the least, we saw tears. Actual tears, mind you.

But then we all learnt a few things this Friday too.

- Presentation is an acquired skill.
- It needs us to be prepared with work we can defend.
- 'Defend' does not mean fighting for a lame-duck creative.
- To defend successfully, your work must be well thought out and executed.
- For the above you need to understand the brief correctly.
- If the brief is vague, question it, till you get the objective clearly in mind.

When we were presenting, we were all pulp. And when we were the ones hearing the presentation, we were all teeth and dagger. Chills and thrills, so to speak.

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Rage Communications said...

Here's some resource for making good presentations:

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