April 29, 2009

Why Skill Upgrades Are Not A Luxury

A wake-up article from Sean D'Souza at www.psychotactics.com.
I've seen so many people wasting away their talents, because they insist on avoiding the upgrade.

This reminds me of a designer I worked with a while ago. There she was doing layouts in this archaic version of InDesign. Which is fine, but the archaic versions are archaic because they slow you down.

They do stuff the inefficient way. They make your process drudgery. And then you wonder: Where did the time go?

The time doesn't go anywhere. You and I refuse to understand that we need to upgrade. Upgrade our tools. Upgrade our skills. And not just once in five years, but on a consistent basis.

When was the last time you went to a seminar? When was the last time you took three-four days off to learn a new program? When was the last time you took a nice big chunk of time to learn something, or get yourself the tools you need?

We're literally wasting our lives if it takes us two days to write a decent article. Or seven hours to do a waffly layout. Or eleventeen days to do a presentation that's mediocre at best.

You can't be the world's greatest rally driver in a crappy car. You can't be the world's greatest chef with crappy ingredients. You can't be the world's greatest computer whiz with Microsoft-DOS.

It's the equipment. A person that falls in love with the equipment falls in love with the process. They have to. There's little choice. Only a bad carpenter blames his tools. A good carpenter wakes up dreaming of using those magnificent tools to build a magnificent mansion.

And build it fast!

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