May 06, 2009

Innovation in the time of Recession

Now is the time for innovation!

It's what will see each one of us through in the coming days and pay us handsomely later, once we've sailed through this recession. Now is the time to say "Yes I can!" Now is the time to say no to all barriers. Now is the time to duck the committee, even if it is only a committee in your head, and get the ball rolling.

And why must you duck the committee? Because it's the biggest barrier of all. Because committees and innovation don't go hand in hand.

- do not have gut feel and no gut either
- want to play it very-very safe
- are afraid to think outside the box
- always procrastinate
- always pass the buck
- are mortally afraid to be wrong

And where there's fear, where there's passing the buck and procrastination, there's mediocrity and deathly inertia, which you can ill afford in trying times like these. That is no playing field for innovation. You know it. We all know it. So what do we do about it? The answer is simple.

Duck the committee! And get your show on the road!

If an idea is worth the while, no matter how radical, run with it. Run the whole mile with it! And then if you have to take the brunt, accept it willingly. If nothing else, you showed courage. Even if you've failed, you've paved the way for others and learned a valuable lesson yourself to make way for improvement and final victory.

If nothing else, you've shown that it's through people like you that an organisation breaks new ground, finds its unique voice, garners respect, wins admiration and thereby grows out of its set confines to blossom into a whole new vibrant entity full of energy and enthusiasm.

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