May 15, 2009

Zoozoo Branding: Being an egg head helps break brand clutter, what?

Today’s meeting centered around one of the cutest characters ever made for television commercials - Zoozoos. Someone mentioned that these egg-heads were supposed to be birds. Birds! Imagine! Could birds have been just as endearing?

At the meeting, each of us was supposed to discuss the commercial we liked the best in the series so far. And then trade in related interesting information. This time round the learning was of a different kind.

Most of us came up with bits of information that the others did not know about the Zoozoos. We learned:
- to do our homework!
- that homework helps us contribute meaningfully to a meeting
- that this kind of contribution will win respect
- that we must follow with the homework bit for every meeting, no matter which meeting

We also learned that:
- brand promotions in the age of advertisement clutter must be stand-out-different and not the me-too aping that we see all around
- to be different, the brand promotion must discard limp status quo and explore various means of interesting communication
- exploring uninhibited comes when there are no sacred boundaries or sentinels
- that boundaries are meant to be broken when it comes to effective brand promotion

Actually, being an egg-head, oblivious of branding dogmas helps in thinking outside the box, doesn't it? Is that why a famous agency exhorts its staff to 'walk in stupid' each morning?

Here are examples of out-of-the-box branding; shot live by brand guru Martin Lindstrom.

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