July 06, 2009

Ok, I'll do it. Please pass me my wine!

On 3rd July, we were supposed to discuss the winning entries (Grand Prix only) at the recently concluded Cannes Festival - Dark Knight, The Best Job in the World and Fiat Eco Drive.

It wasn't to be. Technical glitches... the less said the better. So we went on a tangent. A question was put on the table. "What if you were to do an advertisement or piece of communication for crab meat and you are a vegetarian who loathes even the mention of meat, let alone crab meat? How would you communicate effectively without even knowing what the product is?"

We had vegans among us who were already looking a bit put off. But they finally came around, perhaps in the spirit of the discussion and smug in the thought that this was just make-believe. What they came up with is in picture one. One actually said she'd eat it. We believe you!

Done with the shell fish, we moved on to wine. When it came to wine, most of us weren't ga-ga about it. Some liked it, some hadn't tasted it. And what if we had to promote a brand of wine, would we be able to do justice to it with all our not so ga-ga impressions about wine? That called for another animated round of discussions.

The answer might be elementary to most - but then what if some among your team haven't even considered communication on these lines? It's a 'bingo-moment' for them, a moment that one hopes would be significant enough to reflect in their work from then on.


Rums said...

Best way to promote wine - wear it on your breath :D

Rage Communications said...

That's a killer quote. : ))