August 28, 2009

We watched some good TVCs. While we waited.

9:00 am.

9:10 am. Hello where's everybody?

10:00 am. We're still way short of attendance. Maybe we must give away little gifts to all attendees. Might work. Till they are bored of getting gifts.

Our individual blog initiatives are still languishing, incomplete, somewhere in ether. Will next week see some blog presentations at the meeting? (So soap opera-ish. Don't you think? All this dithering and waiting...)


Rums said...

Do I see a flat screen? Where was all this when I was there :O

Rage Communications said...

You could always join us again. : ))

Rums said...

If I get back, I'll definitely - if Rage still wants me back, ie. Is this in the former TT room, btw?

Rage Communications said...

That is the former room of JRK. : )