November 13, 2009

Fonts tell a story all their own

Goofy Designer is a goof. And he's not heard of Count Dracula among other things. So when he was asked to design a poster for the next celluloid interpretation of Dracula (this one, again directed by Francis Ford Coppola), he came up with this font, this typeface that was so dainty for a Dracula.

Lord almighty! Has Dracula gone shy in his old age? Gone pansy? Has Coppola flipped? Or has Goofy Designer who hasn't the faintest idea about the usage of fonts, and doesn't care a fig if it matters, goofed as usual?

Meantime, here's what Passionate Designer came up with.

Now isn't that a fantastic representation of Count Dracula in all his glory?

Fonts speak a language all their own. Even in isolation, devoid of imagery, fonts can tell a visual story. Don't think so? You only have to check out posters made for movies to change your mind.

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