March 17, 2010

One banner please!

Ideas don't come off the rack. So how do you cope, when the demand is for off-the-rack creatives?

Answer: You don't cope. Because 'cope' itself means compromise, in this case.

And compromise means, you give lesser. Your skills are portrayed in poor light. The client is forced to pay for stale, derivative creative. The creative hardly performs because it can hardly stand out to grab attention. The agency gets a black eye. And gives you one in return.

Now here's the worst part of all this chain reaction. It all started with YOU deciding to cope. Cope with the brief timeline to execute the creative. Cope with the lack of a proper brief. Cope with everything not conducive to produce a good piece of result-oriented creative. But cope you did. And a black eye you did get.

Honestly, if your job were on the line would you display this get by mentality? If you just answered in the negative, from now on, treat each brief as the last one you'd be working on if it didn't deliver positively startling results.

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