April 06, 2010

How to fill in the holes in your idea. But first fill in the blank below Art Director or Copywriter.

Did you pause for a moment? Did you smile? Were you about to turn away disgusted? That's because the blank above is open to suggestive interpretation.

This is how open to interpretation your idea is when you don't fill in all the holes in it or don't fully explore all the avenues your idea can travel.

So the cardinal rule to rejection-proof your idea before you rush it to your client or your higher up is this: send it around the agency for an 'opinion walk'. Remember that you are not looking for praise here. You are merely getting a second opinion so that you can iron out any wrinkles that you didn't notice. The trick is to send it to people who will be objective. That could include your pantry-help, if he fits the bill.

But take it around to see how it's being received. You'll suddenly see a hole in your idea where there was none apparent before. Better that Mr. Objective spot it than your client or higher up, right?

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