April 24, 2006

First Doodle

Jo's doodle. That's rather fun, isn't it? Please, feel free to comment. Please... And don't forget to send in doodles yourself.


Karthik said...

Guys, I think it will be a good idea to create a google gallery and a gallery of the winning creatives - if not possible on the blog then on the intranet, linked from the blog.

Rajesh - can you get this done.


PS: Are suits allowed to submit entries too!

What a Rage said...

We'll get to that Karthik. I'm sure everyone want's to see what we're giving these swords out for. Or atleast find out if it's only a mutual appreciation club full of hot air. :)

And of course suits can send in entries too. But you won't be getting swords and we're not sure you can attend the Monday Morning Meetings either. Let that not stop you from sending in doodles though.