May 02, 2006

Judicious Interruption

Sampath, took the sword for the first time this week. That's a fantastic independent effort Sampath. But our copywriters (sob)... we can't say anymore. We're sorry.

Jo, as usual, was the only one who submitted his interior design assignment. None of the visualisers did. It was supposed to be an exercise in colour coordination, with no brownie points attached. But then, the most apt entry was to be published here. Wasn't that reason enough, guys? Anyway, Jo's submission is here. What do you think?

Oh... and there was a judicious interruption to the meeting this week. Karthik was "distressed" by some of the work he saw and decided enough was enough. Maybe we should have him down once in a while when we generally put things on the back burner or feel smug with what we've done.

There's nothing like a well meant pinch to wake us up and keep us on track to being the best. Oops! That's what we're here for. To mould ourselves into the best. We have an agenda to stick to... Thank you Karthik.

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