April 03, 2006

First Salvo!

We've made a beginning. Taken the first step to become the best damn online agency in India. And believe it guys. We will be in due time. That’s why we have the Monday Morning Meetings. That is the beginning we’ve made.

Mo will be the mascot of our Monday Morning Meetings. The name stems from the first two alphabets of ‘Morning’. Mo will stand for dogged persistence. The never-give-up attitude that is so necessary to get us to the top.

And we will too.

Oh! And those swords you see there. One each will go to the Best Visualiser and Best Copywriter of the week, every week. And the winners will display it at their desk. Proudly!

Guys! Here's to us! Here’s to Mo!

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Anonymous said...


It's great to see this initiative. Keep on rockin'. I am sure that if you stick with these Monday morning meetings we will come out tops!!