April 05, 2006

A Slim Beginning

We've bought ourselves some books to brush up. After all, we're on the path to be the best around. So it's only natural that we see what the competition is doing. And benchmark ourselves against the best.

We might not get it right from the word 'go'. But, hey, we've begun. And, like the song goes, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.

(Psst! You're welcome to tell us what we're doing wrong, and how to straighten it. Constructive criticism is the breakfast of champions, is what we believe. Ugh... did we just coin a phrase? Please tell us we did...)


Joe said...

Here's a toast to getting that slim to fat in super fast time! And getting our creatives up and roaring with the best.

Anonymous said...

You did coin a phrase and UGH! sort of describes it fully :):):)

You need to seriously start hitting those books you bought.

- Avinash