June 27, 2006

Keep Them Burning...

How do you keep the fires burning?

"I take a break, chill, stay away from anything to do with work..."

"I switch off periodically while at my desk."

"I pick my nose! Do you mind..."

"I draw dude, I love colours, I love the way I can mix them and convey an emotion."

"I cook..."

"I beat people up..."

Now what ever it is we do, we must do so often. Perhaps that's Rags' secret of winning the sword more times than anyone else. Keep the fires burning Rags. It's the only way to where we want to be.


chella said...

hi, i would like to submit a photo.. how to do it?

chella said...

Hey how to submit a photo?

What a Rage said...

thank you for writing in.

as you realise, this is a moderated blog. only the administrator can post here. this is to keep the blog apolitical and free of controversy.

to publish in here all you need to do is send a mail with your article, photograph, doodle etc to rajeshd@rage-india.com

:) so when shall we see your 'photo' here?