June 21, 2006

Let's squiggle our way...

...to better designs. Ugh, 'scribble' actually. Do you think scribbling pads would make a difference to the way you concieve creatives. You bet! Ok, so we've asked this question and then answered it ourselves. But it doesn't prevent you from registering your dissent. Though, not before you try your hand at scribbles.

Consider this. You get your brief and right away you sit in front of a fresh Photoshop page, ready to design. The page open in front of you becomes your scribble pad and you launch into the first impression that fills your mind at the moment. And then, you're already filling in the
colour and touching up the details. You don't even want to try another design, another possibility...

That's where a good ol' scribble pad comes in handy.

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