July 03, 2006

And Moving On...

Three months of the Monday Morning Meeting and we're ready for more. (Is that a good sign? Perhaps.)

So we've come up with TEASE.

It would work like this. Each month we'll be given themes or random thoughts, or let's simply call them ‘teases’, that we'll have to interpret creatively. That could be in the form of a poster. A mailer. A press ad. A T-shirt. A mug. A simple drawing, a painting… anything. Even a poem or graffiti. Sounds like fun, ugh?

So, this month's tease:

“Shitty Advertising Made That Hole In The Ozone Layer”

Ha! How well we know, don't we? Remember all those times when you've been in front of TV just when a shitty ad came on and people looked pointedly at you, like you had done the crappy piece yourself, only because you work in advertising?

So we're going to tease ourselves, or rather the industry we work in, to begin with this new monthly exercise. Catch the best TEASE every month, right here.

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