August 25, 2006

Mylapore or Tirumailai?

You want to go to this place you haven’t been to before. You know how to get there and you are on your way. But when you reach there. Ugh! You aren’t sure. There is no sign outside the precinct of the blessed place to tell you that you have arrived.

Instead you have a verbose billboard or whatever gobbledygook, that goes:

You are at the end of your journey. And you are about to begin a new one. A journey filled with the unexpected, a journey you’d wish would never end. Another step more and you will be in The Land Of Adventure.
You roll your eyes, and stop a passer by to ask if you are in the place you think you are in. And there’s your catch. Online, you don’t have passers by to guide you if you land up on a gobbledygook link, unless you are on a ‘fun’ website that easily lends itself to it.

Or do you think otherwise? Let’s debate. Pros and cons. We might learn a new thing or two. Send in your opinion as comments.

But not before you consider this. If you’ve ever commuted on the Flying Train here in Chennai, you might have noticed this. First timers, especially those from outside Tamil Nadu, heading to Mylapore usually don’t alight at the station on arrival. They’ll peek out their windows, they’ll wait for the train to move on, but they won’t alight unless someone tells them it’s where they get off. Know why?

The name board at the station reads Tirumailai!

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