August 21, 2006


The winner is Rags for his squiggle. And the runner up is Arshad for his ‘currency’. But it's the verdict you must listen to.

"No dum!"
That's to put it in our local lingo. Nobody went all out. Your work could have been a star on the viral circuit worldwide if only you would have executed your piece well. Why didn't you go the whole hog?

If it's drama, bring out the best of drama.
If it's fun, bring on a laugh riot
If it's exaggeration, slap on the weirdest, funniest, ugliest...

A viral is all about superlatives. It's theater on the Internet. And that wasn't there in any of the virals in full measure. What were you afraid of?

That said, it was a good effort from all. The enthusiasm that went into it... the things we learnt while we reviewed the pieces at the Mo Meeting... This TEASE was worth it. Next time, let's go all out! No half measures. No slack detailing. And most important, no fear.

PS: Click on images to enlarge.

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