August 21, 2006

Tiny Things Matter

For a change we have a fresh photograph and no sword on display. Chella took the sword this time for design. And Tiny Jo got back to action this week after a long spell when he'd lost his voice. (Many wagged that it was a good thing though...sic!)

This week saw a lot of effort on the part of the Visualisers. Both Arshad and Yuvaraj did some pretty interesting work, though they could have taken care of the little detailing. It's all about making a creative piece look as close to reality or going the opposite spectrum and making it as close to fantasy as possible. That includes getting the colour and perspective right.

But when it's half way through it shows that it's half way through.

It's a good thing to go all out and take care of the little detailing, the tiny things. That's what makes all the difference. If you don't believe it, try it on the piece you are working on now. Next week the sword will be yours.

And remember you've got Tiny Jo for competition. Remember that layout you saw this morning?

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