December 11, 2007

Where's the Participation?

Last week, we did have our pow-wow on the squiggle exercise we gave ourselves. Hey, wait a minute. We've got that wrong. We had one person opining about what he thought and another about what she thought. And then a word or two. Hardly a pow-wow.

People! What's happened to participation? What's happened to healthy, constructive debate? Are all of us to be audiences? We're forgetting here that this little exercise, the whole idea of a Friday Morning Meeting is to make ourselves better.

We're here to make mistakes.
We're here to be silly.
We're here to be laughed at.
We're here to look stupid.
We're here to stumble and mumble...
To hell be damned!

For without making mistakes, without even trying to do anything at all, how are we to make ourselves better?

We need to open up. We need to participate. We need to loose that chip on our shoulder that says we're better than a Friday Morning Meeting. Because the truth is, we're not.

So the next time we 'huddle' let's leave our inhibitions behind along with our smugness and come in to the meeting with open minds, ready to falter, ready to look stupid.

We've got things to do... places to go... and the Friday Morning Meeting is where it all begins. Let's not forget that, even for a moment.

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