December 11, 2007

The Yellow, Small, Slant

This blog isn’t about pedagogy. But, hell, there are times when you need to reflect on the fundamentals, on the nuts and bolts. We’re doing that right here, right now.

Design, as most of us know it, is all about color, proportion and perspective. Let's take an example by the biggest designer of them all - God Almighty (err... not to be confused with Bruce Almighty). There's no greater designer than Him. There's so much we can learn from Him. Yet, like we do with the rest of His well-meant examples, we ignore the design examples He passes down to us each day.

Take the tree that throws up a cloud of yellow flowers about the month of April each year. Remember that tree? It's called something-or-other. Right! That tree! Let's quickly see how color, proportion and perspective come into play here.

Color - Yellow
God! He gets His hex numbers right for each and every blossom. The petals are a deep yellow. The sepals are a soft, light green. The stamens are a powdery maroon red. And that's not the 'hex' for one blossom. That applies for all blossoms, for all years, since the time He created them. Perhaps He uses Ctrl+C, on the sly, and puts all blossoms through rigorous QC. But in the end, they are all perfect yellow blossoms!

Proportion - Small
He gets them right every time. These yellow blossoms are always the right size for sprinkling about, much like jasmine. You might have noticed the huge spread of fallen yellow blossoms that form a pretty picture all around the tree. And who can resist those clouds of tiny yellow flowers as they weigh down the branches of the tree itself? That particular arrangement, be it as they droop down the tree or spread on the ground beneath it, is made possible only by the flower's exquisite proportions.

Perspective - Slant
The yellow spread on the ground and the yellow cloud on the branches we just talked about... have you enjoyed them at a distance? The spread would be perfect, the cloud would be captivating, no matter where you see it from. God! He’s got this killer sense of proportion too. Imagine… you wouldn't have to rearrange even one blossom in this arrangement. If you were a photographer you'd just click right away from every slant, because each angle would give you a faultless perspective.

Contrast that with... hey, wait a minute. We forgot to discuss contrast. Deep yellow petals, maroon red stamens... now isn't that a perfect contrast? Let's borrow a bit of that design sense from Him from now on. It's free, you see? And let’s remember our CCPP (Color, Contrast, Proportion, Perspective) each time we sit down to design.

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