February 26, 2008

Digital Ostrich or Smarty?

Being in the digital space is dicey.

Here’s one space that keeps changing by the minute. Just when you think you have nailed it, just when you think you have a good business plan to market your capabilities… kaboom! Along comes an application, a host of applications that change the architecture of a web page. And the possibilities the Internet has to offer.

Amidst all this change, how does one stay on top of things, operationally? It’s one thing to hear about new applications. And quite another to find competencies in it. So much so that even business models are changing.

Hence outsourcing non-core competencies is gaining ground. The one’s who benefit from this outsourcing, be they designers or technical people are the ones who have been immersing themselves in training and crash courses or simply devouring self-help books on these emerging applications and tinkering about to place themselves better in the market.

That’s the scenario we are faced with. And how are we coping?

We keep telling ourselves that:
- We can’t keep designing websites the way we’ve been doing all along
- We must incorporate new applications that enable websites to be so much more fluid
- We must relearn, redefine the language of colors, fonts and presentation
- We must learn new ‘things’
- We must…
- We should…

About time we stopped telling ourselves. About time we started ‘doing’. You’d have thought of this too. How should we go about this ‘doing’ bit? Where do we start collectively?


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