April 22, 2009


Set for the meeting.

Jaideep tries to make the laptop behave.

The meeting in progress.

One of our work in progress. (Actually, we're trying to show off our new TV.)

After being in hibernation for many months - months that saw us piled high with work, that we couldn't take time off for meetings during working hours - the Friday Morning Meeting is back. We've suddenly found time! Time off work! We begin our meetings at 9:00 am now. A half hour before official working hours.

So we gathered at our new conference room on Friday, 10th April. The agenda included a debate on the pros and cons of a website - each of us had to spell out what we liked and disliked about the chosen website. That took a really long time. But we did learn a new trick or too. The first being that you cannot be too observant - you'd think that you've covered all, when you really haven't. The second is that it's better to have more views and opinion on a subject than one. Fly loose. You can always structure later.

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